The flow. Taiwan Design Expo'22 in Kaohsiung

The flow. Taiwan Design Expo'22 in Kaohsiung

台灣設計展 不朽青春 - 流
K9 Design
Whitehand studio
Art Director

今年有幸得到 駁二藝術特區 The Pier-2 Art Center的參展邀約,一同響應2022台灣設計展。

今年展出的作品為「流 The flow」,將我們對高雄的印象,以雕像的形式呈現:高雄是一座水岸城市,讓人直接便會連想到高雄與水的緊密連結。從學生時期到高雄遊玩,在河岸邊感受到的浪漫,一直到如今已出了社會,每每出差到高雄時,依然能感受到高雄這些年來不停的變化,猶如流水般不斷地流動、更迭。而我們亦是如此,期望不只是呈現包裝專業而是透過這件作品嘗試不同領域,將「流」的概念造型傳達;同時找出與高雄共同在各方面、產業間的變化,都能如同水流一般,變化多端且具有創造力。


展出時間|2022_09/30(週五) – 2022_10/23(週日)
官方平台|台灣設計展 Taiwan Design Expo、駁二藝術特區 The Pier-2 Art Center

The work on display this year is "The flow", which presents our impression of Kaohsiung in the form of a statue: Kaohsiung is a waterfront city, and people directly think of Kaohsiung's close connection with water.

From the time I was a student to Kaohsiung to play, I felt the romance on the river bank, and now I have gone out of the society. Every time I go to Kaohsiung for business, I can still feel the constant changes in Kaohsiung over the years, which are constantly flowing and changing like running water.

And we are also the same. We hope not only to present the packaging profession, but to try different fields through this work, and to convey the concept of "flow". At the same time, we can find out the changes in various aspects and industries together with Kaohsiung, which can be like the flow of water. Generally, varied and creative.