Harer Decaffeinated Coffee Branding

Harer Decaffeinated Coffee Branding

Harer 低咖啡因 品牌規劃
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Harer Decaffeinated Coffee - 低咖啡因意指將富含咖啡因的原料中去除咖啡因,不必擔心喝咖啡心悸、失眠,或因為懷孕都可飲用。

Harer 是一個提倡低咖啡因的咖啡新品牌。品牌定位以回歸原始、追求本質為出發點,利用特殊處理法,以較少程度破壞咖啡其風味,保留咖啡產地風味與批次處理的風味。 根據考究,最初經栽培的咖啡是源自非洲衣索比亞的哈勒爾(Harer)。 設計以「回歸初始」為企劃,以古老傳遞訊息的岩洞壁畫作為啟發,大地女神將裝滿水的容器澆灌大地,期待有好的生長,呈現品牌 logo,並將品牌視覺衍伸至包裝、店卡、菜單....等應用物 ; 同樣地將品牌定位對應至攝影企劃,運用岩石、石板、火焰傳達「回歸初始」的深刻意涵。

Harer Decaffeinated Coffee - Decaffeinated means decaffeinated from caffeine-rich ingredients, so you can drink coffee without worrying about heart palpitations, insomnia, or pregnancy.

Harer is a new brand of coffee that promotes decaf. The brand positioning is based on returning to the original and pursuing the essence, and uses special processing methods to destroy the flavor of coffee to a lesser extent, and retain the flavor of the coffee origin and batch processing. According to research, the first cultivated coffee is from Harer in Ethiopia, Africa. The design is based on the plan of "returning to the beginning" and inspired by ancient cave paintings that convey messages.

The goddess of the earth waters the earth with a container full of water, expecting good growth, presenting the brand logo, and extending the brand's vision to packaging and stores. Cards, menus.... and other applications; the brand positioning is also corresponding to the photography planning, and the use of rocks, slates, and flames conveys the profound meaning of "returning to the beginning".